Q: When is rent due?

A: Rent is due on or before the 1st of every month. Any rent payment received after the 1st may result in a late fee being applied to your account. Consider paying online, it’s convenient and saves you time!

Q: How can I pay rent?

A: Pay ONLINE. It’s EASY and FAST. Once you have your “Resident Portal” established, you can make your rent payments online using an e-check. Need to set up your portal? That’s easy too! Just click here to get started.

Q: What is considered a “Maintenance Emergency?”

A: No heat or A/C, water leaking that cannot be contained, natural gas smell or electrical outage.

Q: Who do you call?

A: If you are having problems with you’re A/C or leaking water call our after-hours emergency number (319) 610-8076.

A: If your furnace quits working or if you smell natural gas or experience an electrical outage call Mid-American immediately! (888) 427-5632, followed by our after hour’s maintenance number (319) 610-8076.

A: For routine maintenance requests, you may enter those through your online resident portal

Q: What if you are locked out of your apartment?

A: If you ever find yourself locked out of your apartment and it is outside office hours, please call the after hours line at (319) 610-8076. $25 Fee applies, make sure to pay on the portal prior to contacting the after hours line.

Q: What if you have problems with cable/internet?

A: First, try to unplug your modem/router for approximately 30 seconds and plug it back it. This will reset the modem/router. Also, verify that you are connected to your wi-fi and not someone else’s. We advise you to hard wire to the internet if you’re taking tests or doing other sensitive tasks online. If you need to use a cable to hard wire your computer, they are available in the office during business hours. Large items, such as gaming systems and smart TVs will operate best if they’re hard wired to the internet. If you wish to view all the TV channels we provide but you do not have a digitally capable TV, you will need to rent a converter box from Mediacom at your cost. If you are still having difficulties after trying the previous steps, contact Mediacom’s Tier One support at (866) 452-4747.

Q: When do I put utilities in my name?

A: Utilities MUST go into your name PRIOR to moving into the apartment and for the entire duration of tenancy. Mid-American’s number is (888) 427-5632 and Waterloo Works’ number is (319) 232-6280 ($75 deposit required). Please communicate with your roommates and tell management prior to move-in day who will be carrying the utilities in their name.

Q: Is there laundry located on site?

A: YES – your very own! Every unit has a full-size washer and dryer (no coins required).

Q: What type of security is in place and who do I call if I need assistance or to report a problem?

A: We have officers from the Waterloo Police Department work off duty to ensure your safety. If you are in need of assistance and it is not an emergency situation call the non-emergency number at (319) 291-4340. If you experience an emergency, call 911.

Q: Are there assigned parking spots?

A: There are no assigned spots. Do make sure your parking pass is visible at all times. Visitors may park on the North or South sides of the complex. Any vehicle without a parking pass is subject to towing at owners expense.

Q: Can you bring your gas or charcoal grill?

A: Sorry, no. Due to local ordinances and the fire marshal, no grills are allowed in or near your apartment. We do have a grill near the office/basketball court you can use!

Q: What if I am expecting a package or mail that doesn’t fit in my box?

A: The mail delivery person may leave larger parcels in the office for you to pick up. You will receive a text message, informing you that you have a package to pick up.